Reg No. S-10491 of 2009
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Membership Rules
Any veterinarian or dairy farmer admitted as a member of the CDVF who should agree and follow the Memorandum of Association and the Constitution or Rules and Regulation of the CDVF. However, the membership of a dairy farmer will be suspended if he/she fails to produce milk in his/her farm for six consecutive months. Central Executive Council (CEC) could revive the suspended membership when the member will start to produce milk again.
Members must have to be at least eighteen (18) years old and should be creative.
Members have to apply in the prescribed Membership Application Form of the CDVF and have to submit it to the Chair or Member Secretary along with Tk. 50.00 (fifty) admission fee.
Member Secretary will place all membership applications to CEC for approval and register names of the members in the CDVF’s register book.
CEC could either accept or deny the membership application.
Once approved the yearly membership fee @ Tk. 1,000.00 (one thousand) should be paid between January 1 and 15 of each year.
Members should have to be involved with social development works at least for 2 years.
Categories of membership

The followings shall be members of CDVF:

Founder Member
General Member
Life Member
Donor Member
Honourable Member
a. Founder Member
Any member who signs this Memorandum of Articles and Constitution or Rules and Regulation is considered as founder member.
b. General Member
General Members have to satisfy the Rules in Section I.
c. Life Member
Any body who satisfies the Section I could be a Life Member by paying Tk.20,000 (twenty thousand) or equivalent property at a time. Life Member needs not to pay the annual membership fee. But, Life Member can donate CDVF any amount of money or property any time he/she desires.
d. Donor Member
CEC will recruit Donor Members. Donor Members have to donate TK. 100,000 (one hundred thousand) at a time. Donor Members need not pay the annual membership fee. But, they can make further donation to CDVF any time they desire. Any advice or guideline from Donor Member will be appreciated.
e. Honourable Member
Renowned scientist or person who made significant contribution to the dairy industry could be an honourable member of the CDVF. CEC selects the honourable members. They can serve in any executive committee after approval of CEC. Honourable members need not to pay any annual membership fee. But, they can make donation to CDVF any time they desire.
Right and privilege of the Member
The membership is reserved for all general members and life members and they enjoy all benefits according to this Memorandum of Articles and Constitution or Rules and Regulation.
Cancellation of membership
Membership shall be cancelled if a member
Resigns willingly
Is absent in three consecutive meetings
Is declared by a registered physician that he suffers from psychological disorders
Participates in any activity against the constitution of CDVF or proved harmful for the CDVF that is recognised by the CEC and approved by the general council of the Foundation
Is proved to be engaged in any unethical or anti social activities recognised by the CEC and approved by the general council of the Foundation
Is sentenced for one year or more imprisonment or Bangladesh Taka two thousand or more financial punishment by the Court
Does not pay the annual membership fee
Renewal of membership
Any member can apply freshly for renewal of his membership by explaining the causes of membership cancellation. In that case, he/she has to follow the Section I. However, if a membership cancels for not production of milk, the member does not need to pay any additional fee for the renewal of his/her membership.
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