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Welcome to Community-based Dairy Veterinary Foundation
Community-based Dairy Veterinary Foundation (CDVF) is a non-profit but market driven initiative of veterinarians and dairy farmers. CDVF delivers productivity veterinary service to smallholder dairy farms through farmers' associations. First of this kind in Bangladesh, CDVF proved successful and self sustained ( aph/stories/2009-bangladesh-story.html). This model of delivering productivity veterinary service is developed through research grants from USDA and IAEA.
Bangladesh will see a day when the country's dairy sector will be self-sufficient, economically efficient, environmentally sustainable, and all smallholder dairy farmers will be happy, healthy, and a driving force in the country's development

To be the leading provider of Productivity Veterinary Services by helping smallholder farmers organise, get access to fairly priced quality inputs, and improve market linkages, thereby contributing to sustainable development of the Bangladesh Dairy Sector

Commitment to quality, honesty and equity
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